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Waco ISD honors Adopt-a-School partners with annual awards

Waco ISD has a long history of strong community support in the form of volunteers and partnerships, specifically through the Adopt-a-School program which has been in place for more than 35 years. Each partnership between a campus and business or organization is unique, based on the needs of the campus and the resources of the partner. Generally, these partnerships fall into four categories: adult-student connections (mentoring and tutoring), incentives and motivation, workforce development and community service.

Each year, the district recognizes its partners with a celebratory event at the conclusion of the year to honor all partners and recognize that year’s recipients of the Adopt-a-School partnership awards. Although an in-person event was not able to be held for the 2020-2021 school year, the following individuals, businesses and organizations are being honored for their outstanding efforts to support the students and staff of Waco ISD through their partnerships.

Outstanding Partnership
Mosaic Church with J.H. Hines Elementary and G.W. Carver Middle School

Outstanding Business Coordinator
Kenneth McAdam (STARS Book Clubs) with West Avenue Elementary School

Outstanding Volunteer
Anne Broaddus with Brook Avenue Elementary School

Outstanding School Coordinator
Anthony Baney, Bell's Hill Elementary School

Golden Apple Award: Academic Enrichment
Central National Bank with Parkdale Elementary School 

Golden Apple Award: Community Service - Elementary
Meadowbrook Baptist Church with Alta Vista Elementary School

Golden Apple Award: Community Service - Secondary
First Woodway Baptist Church with G.W. Carver Middle School

Golden Apple Award: Science and Math
Baylor Society of Women Engineers with J.H. Hines Elementary School*

Golden Apple Award: Rookie of the Year
Baylor Lady Bears Basketball with South Waco Elementary School

Congratulations to this year's honorees, and thank you to all of our partners and volunteers for supporting our staff and students!

Pictures below are from award presentations with campus respresentatives and the honored individual, business and/or organization.
(*Picture unavailable.)

Mosaic Church with GWCarver and JH Hines
Mosaic Church (center) with J.H. Hines Elementary School & G.W. Carver Middle School

Kenneth McAdam
Kenneth McAdam, STARS Book Clubs, (second from right) with West Avenue Elementary School

Anne Broaddus
Anne Broaddus (center) with Brook Avenue Elementary School

Anthony Baney
Anthony Baney (second from right), Bell's Hill Elementary School

Central National Bank
Central National Bank (right) with Parkdale Elementary School

Meadowbrook Baptist Church
Meadowbrook Baptist Church (left) with Alta Vista Elementary School

First Woodway with GW Carver
First Woodway Baptist Church (3rd from left) with G.W. Carver Middle School


Baylor Lady Bears Basketball
Baylor Lady Bears Basketball (second from right) with South Waco Elementary School