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Web Training Available

Blackboard Web Community Manager (WCM) Training

Blackboard Web Community Manager is the content manager system that Waco ISD utilizes to develop and manage our district website and sub-sites. We will work together to teach you how to create appealing web pages that represent your campus, department and our district, while providing numerous community engagement tools.


Trainings will start August 29, 2019 and will be held once a month in accordance with the Technology Training Calendar.

What to do before the training.

If you find a training day that works for you and would like to attend, please take the following steps to provide a smooth experience for everyone:

  • Download and Review the BB Web Training doc.
  • Verify you have an account by signing into Site Manager (details in the training doc.)
  • If you need an account, email and request one.
  • Log into your account, access the Technology Training Calendar and register to the Training Event by selecting the date.
  • Submit your questions beforehand. (This will be used to create future guides)