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Waco ISD announces Employees of the Month for February 2021

Waco ISD is proud to announce its Employees of the Month for February 2021! The Employee of the Month program was started in February 2020 and relaunched last fall following a hiatus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2020-2021 program has seen an impressive number of submissions with hundreds of staff recognizing and nominating their colleagues for their hard work and dedication.
For the month of February, four outstanding members of the facilities and maintenance support staff were selected for their hard work and efforts, specifically during the severe winter storm. While most of the state was sheltered in their homes, these four employees braved the harsh conditions to ensure our facilities were functional, safe and warm for reopening and returning staff and students. Congratulations to the following employees who were selected as Waco ISD Employees of the Month for February 2021!
Waco ISD Employees of the Month - February 2021
Keith Dempsey
Preventative Maintenance Lead - Facilities & Maintenance
Feliciano Lozano
Maintenance Foreman - Facilities & Maintenance
Frank Jimenez
CNS Warehouse Manager - Child Nutrition Services
Ronnie McDuff
HVAC Section Lead - Facilities & Maintenance
About the honorees...
Keith Dempsey, preventative maintenance lead with the Facilities and Maintenance Department, was nicknamed "Snowshoes" during the winter storm due to his above and beyond efforts, including walking two and a half miles in the snow and ice to get to the offices to obtain a four-wheel drive vehicle. From there he worked visiting campuses and buildings to check fire alarm systems experiencing issues during the power outages. He worked through the night and into the early morning, addressing water distribution leaks, power failures and boiler/HVAC issues for critical systems, returning to work the very next day to continue addressing problems. He continued working tirelessly outside standard work hours and work days to ensure heating systems would be up and running before staff and students returned.
Feliciano Lozano, maintenance foreman for the Facilities and Maintenance Department, has worked his way up in the department during his six years with the district. When he was initially unable to assist with campus and building inspections due to icy road conditions, on his own Mr. Lozano secured the use of a four-wheel drive vehicle from a family member so he could step in to help. When told it was not an expectation, Mr. Lozano stated his focus was on "serving his community right now," and "they need me right now." Mr. Lozano continued to work over the next few days to assess situations, document power failures and check for major water system leaks.
Feliciano Lozano & Keith Dempsey
Feliciano Lozano (center) - maintenance foreman & Keith Dempsey (2nd from R) - preventative maintenance lead

Frank Jimenez, has served Child Nutrition Services since joining Waco ISD in 2017. During the February winter weather and while dealing with no power or water at his own home, Mr. Jimenez stepped up to offer to visit several campuses to assist in the review of water, power, refrigeration and food integrity. He was instrumental over the past year in keeping the vehicles going for curbside meals for students, running the food trucks and offering to serve, support and help out any time. When COVID-19 illnesses affected co-workers, Mr. Jimenez filled roles and completed all necessary duties to ensure the operations of the CNS warehouse continued without interruption. Mr. Jimenez is known for his "friendly, customer-driven, help-all" personality. 
Frank Jimenez
Frank Jimenez (center) - CNS warehouse manager, Child Nutrition Services
Ronnie McDuff, HVAC lead for the Facilities and Maintenance Department, was instrumental in shutting off water supplies to locations with major water system issues and breaks, as well as addressing reports of power failures. Mr. McDuff also assisted with site visits to address HVAC systems that were in alarm. Although the severe cold was a risk and challenge for him and his health, Mr. McDuff continued his work to address critical issues with systems, sometimes systems that were new to him. "Cold, wet and tired, Mr. McDuff gave his all..."
Ronnie McDuff was unavailable the day of the surprise announcements.  
Congratulations to each of these outstanding employees!
Waco ISD is honored to recognize you, and the district thanks you for CHOOSING Waco ISD!