Calendar APP Overview

  • You can add a calendar to any levels of your website - Site Workspace, Subsite Workspace, Channel Workspace and Section Workspace. You can add events directly to the calendar, import events from an existing calendar, and sync with your Google calendar. You can customize your calendar views so you only see calendar information that is relevant to you!

    For more information about the Calendar APP and how to achieve the following tasks, please visit the BlackBoard Web Content Manager help-website here.

    Add a Calendar APP to the page

    • Like all apps, just drag the app into the desired region of the page.

    Remove a Calendar APP from the page

    • Like all apps, just click the trash can icon to remove the app.

    Edit the Calendar APP

    To edit the Calendar APP there are many options. Please refer to a specific task and follow instructions here.

    • Add a Calendar Event
    • Add a Recurring Event
    • Set an Event Registration
    • Import Calendar Events
    • Set the Location Details
    • Set your Contact Options
    • Share Events to Other Calendars
    • Set Privacy for your Calendar
    • Integrate a Google Calendar
    • Attach files to a calendar event
    • Share events to other calendars