• At Tennyson Middle School, we recognize the value of the arts in a student's education. Through music performance, theatre. and the visual arts, we strive to instill in each student an appreciation for the arts and to cultivate the talents of our young artists here at Tennyson.

    We believe that art is a universal language, linking cultures, classes and individuals. By educating our students in these areas, we are able to help mold well-rounded, culturally-aware citizens with a desire to not only bring beauty to the world, but to improve it in the process.

    Aside from being highly successful in competition, the various arts programs at Tennyson Middle School offer students a creative outlet and opportunities for community involvement, higher learning and a sense of belonging.

    Please check the Tennyson Middle School Calendar for opportunities to see the Tennyson Middle School Fine Arts in action. Throughout the year, concerts, plays, exhibits and more are offered for the community at large. Your support will allow the arts to continue to grow and thrive at Tennyson Middle School!