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    The Be Emotionally Aware and Responsive (BEAR) Project seeks to engage schools and families in the development of internal and external emotional resources that will contribute to the social and academic success of our children and strengthen our schools, families, and community.

    Our aim is to help build rich learning environments where all can thrive and grow. Kids need to stay in the classroom in order to learn and improve academically. In order to stay in the classroom, the school and the students both have responsibilities. The school’s responsibility is to provide an environment that is welcoming, accepting of different expressions and personalities, and safe for all learners. The student’s responsibility is to understand and learn to regulate their own emotions and behaviors in a way that fosters communication and learning possibilities. BEAR Project staff teach pro-social skills and emotional and behavioral regulation to students with the aim of functioning well in a classroom environment. In order to see long-term results, we also know the importance of including the student’s family as part of our work. To understand the student, the family must also be engaged and an effective, working relationship built with them.