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    Long-range Facilities Planning


    Beginning in January 2021, the Waco ISD Community Advisory Committee (CAC) and district staff began meeting publicly to study the WISD's facility needs and help develop the Facilities Long-Range Master Plan. 

    A Facilities Master Plan is a 10 to 15-year strategy for Waco ISD for alignment of education vision and facilities while accommodating student enrollment and demographics as well as addressing on-going maintenance and operational needs.

    The Waco ISD Community Advisory Committee (CAC) will serve in an advisory capacity to help the Board of Trustees assess and prioritize capital improvement needs and long-range facility needs.

    The committee will review potential projects based on anticipated growth, desired operational efficiencies, and identified safety, educational and technology needs.

    The committee will objectively consider all information presented, provide input, and share with their network of organizations, friends and colleagues the information gathered regarding Waco ISD facilities.