Task: Log In

  • You can log in from any page, on any site within the Waco ISD family of BlackBoard websites. Doing so will take you to the page or section for which you have editor permissions.

    1. From any Waco ISD BlackBoard webpage, point to User Options and click Sign In.
    2. Choose to a) enter username and password or b) Sign in with Google.
      1. Enter User Name and Password and click Sign In.
        • If you forgot your password, click Forgot My Password
      2. Click Sign in with Google
        • Click your Waco ISD Google account to continue
        • If prompted, enter password for your Waco ISD Google account.

    You should now be logged in. After logging in you will be dircted back to the page you were on when you clicked Sign In.

    To verify status, click User Options. You should see Sign Out if you were successful. If you are on a page that may edit you will have an Edit Page button visible on the page. Otherwise, you will have a Site Manager link available under User Options.