Stadium Regulations

  • Dressing Rooms 

    • Dressing Rooms will open 2.5 hours prior to game time.


    Bags and Backpacks

    • No backpacks will be allowed inside the stadium
    • Bags are subject to search



    • Tailgating is allowed in designated areas on the home and visitor sides. No alcohol is allowed on District Property.


    Ticket Gates 

    • Ticket gates will be opened 1 hour prior to game time. 
    • There are no in and out privileges. Reentry requires the purchase of a new ticket.
    • Cash only (Waco ISD does NOT accept credit cards or checks)



    • Pressbox will open 1.5 hours prior to game time. 
    • Admittance to pressbox is by PASS ONLY. All passes are acquired from stadium manager (Jack Stanley) in advance. 
    • Radio/Press must call in advance to have passes waiting in the elevator lobby with attendant.


    Playing Fields 

    • No metal cleats may be worn on the turf. 
    • Use of tobacco, sunflower seeds, and gum prohibited. 
    • Only water can be used on the field. No colored or sugar based drinks may be used on the field. 
    • Absolutely no glass bottles, cans, or food allowed on the field. 
    • All equipment such as training table and fans must have a protective base - make arrangements with the stadium manager. 
    • No live mascots are allowed. 
    • Cannons and/or confetti are NOT allowed. 
    • All run-through signs must be vinyl. DO NOT use painted paper. 
    • Band props must not mark or scar the field - such as chairs, ladders, etc. 
    • Only personnel with sideline passes can be on the field - spectators are not allowed on the field before or after the games. 
    • No heaters or gas generators allowed on the field.


    Stadium Bleachers 

    • Absolutely no climbing over the rails from the bleachers to the field.
    • Spirit signs must be made of vinyl that can be tied to the stadium railing. 
    • Taping of signs to any stadium structure will not be permitted. 
    • There is ABSOLUTELY NO CROSSOVER by spectators from home side of the stadium to the visitor side of the stadium or vice versa.
    • No pets.
    • Bring no outside food (including ice) or drink into the stadium.
    • No ice chests.
    • No smoking.


    Fieldhouse Patio 

    • This area is for team personnel only - all team personnel must have passes. 
    • Coaches' and players' families are only allowed in this area following the game.
    • A motorized vehicle will be provided to take field equipment down the ramp to the field. ONLY ADULTS employed by the school may drive these vehicles.