Waco ISD Faculty & Staff:

    In an effort to provide the most effective and meaningful compliance training for all district employees, the Waco ISD Human Resources Department and Office of Professional Development have continued to team with SafeSCHOOLS to provide an online training platform.  Starting July 1, 2020 all district employees will be able to access and complete required trainings for the 2020-2021 school year. The deadline for completion of these courses is September 2nd, 2020.  Those that have not completed the trainings by that date will be required to attend face-to-face trainings to fulfill the requirements.

    Courses in safeSCHOOLS are delivered by chapters and can be completed at your individual pace throughout the course of the summer.  Courses have quizzes at the end that do require you to achieve a passing score for completion. 

    To access the safeSCHOOLS platform, use any of the links provided in this document or type in the URL:

    1. Access safeSCHOOLS:  http://wacoisd.tx.safeschools.com/login
    2. Username will be:  Employee ID# (8-digit)
    3. Password: First Initial (Uppercase) + Last Initial (lowercase) + @# + last 4-digits of Employee ID#
    4. Required courses will appear on your home screen
    5. All course completions will be tracked by WISD Human Resources and the Office of Professional Development.

    Example Login Credentials: John Smith, Employee ID: 12345678

    Username: 12345678      Password: Js@#5678

    If you have any questions or difficultly accessing the SafeSCHOOLS platform, please contact the Office of Professional Development.


    Office of Professional Development
    p 254.750.3937