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Lena Ortiz

Panther Nation – 

It is an honor and privilege to have been selected to serve the community of Parkdale Elementary.  The partnerships we develop together will be vital to the success of our students at Parkdale.  In my short-time, I have been privy to the foundations of Panther PRIDE and how it will assist us in making student excellence a standard at Parkdale. 

Our focus is to build upon the foundations of Panther PRIDE during the 2020-2021 school year to ensure our campus meets standard.  At Parkdale, it will be our goal to improve academic performance for all students and ensure student growth.  This challenge will require us to trust the processes needed to ensure academic performance.  We will ensure every student receives effective instruction and intervention tailored to meet their specific needs.  We are committed to providing instructional resources and practices that accommodate the varied learning needs of our students.  These endeavors will be accomplished by ensuring our students come to school daily and understand content objectives, master content performance tasks, and meet success criteria.  These practices will be supplemented by targeted small group instruction in reading and math, tutorials, and various formative and summative evaluations to ensure we are making progress.  This will require strong parent, teacher, and school involvement.  We must come together to support our students and provide them every opportunity to be successful. 

Along with the focus on meeting standard, it is our vision to ensure our students receive these exemplary learning opportunities in a safe, nurturing environment.  During current times, we are especially focused on keeping our students and staff safe by following outlined district and campus COVID safety precautions.  We will continue to build upon a culture where students, parents, and staff feel welcome and are willing to share their questions and concerns.  Our students will know they are the heart of the school, and every decision we make will be to meet their academic, social, and emotional needs.  Our hope is to build students who are prepared, responsible, involved, dedicated, and excited to learn and grow in their school and neighborhood community.  

Throughout the school year, we encourage you to attend and participate in virtual parent/teacher conferences, school holiday programs, student academic and extracurricular activities, and school celebrations. We ask that you be inquisitive, involved, and inspired to make an impact in your child’s learning.  Together, we will ensure our students are academically progressing and socially and emotionally developing. 

Please feel free to contact me at 254-750-4034 or if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to working and serving with you this school year! Onward and Upward!



Lena C. Ortiz