Elementary GT Enrichment


  • Gifted and Talented students will develop their intellectual, leadership, creative and artistic potentials through participation in the elementary Gifted and Talented enrichment program by interacting with highly-trained, passionate teachers. The program fosters the development of students’ unique abilities and allows them to participate in 21st Century learning opportunities through research and innovation. 

    The purpose of the elementary enrichment is to enhance students’ critical and creative-thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and leadership skills through inquiry-based learning, resulting in the development of innovative products and performances. The curriculum offers authentic intellectual work through problem-based learning to meet students’ learning needs and interests. Students will demonstrate their learning through Advanced Products and Performances (A.P.P.), displayed during campus showcases held bi-annually.  


  • The Elementary Gifted and Talented enrichment program offers gifted students the opportunity to reach their fullest educational, emotional, and social potentials by providing curriculum and enrichment opportunities aligned to their developmental needs. 


  • Students will

    • demonstrate self-knowledge with respect to their interests, strengths, identities, and needs in socio-emotional development and in intellectual, academic, creative, and leadership domains; 
    • enhance competence in using interpersonal and technical communication skills; 
    • demonstrate personal and social responsibility when practicing leadership skills; 
    • exhibit growth within their aptitudes and interests, including acceleration and enrichment;
    • become independent investigators and lifelong learners; and 
    • identify future career goals and the talent development pathways to reach those goals through rigorous academic standards.