Message Bubbles

    The Community Engagement solution helps districts and schools improve communication within the community, while reducing resources needed to maintain that communication. Blackboard Mass Notification with Create Once Publish Everywhere (COPE) Technology, allows you to write your message once and select as many delivery options that are available to your district. Select from phone messages, emails, your mobile site, your website, any RSS feeds, or social networks.


    Training documentation is now available to download when you click on the button below. This document covers all the basics and will help you get started.

     *This page will be periodically updated with new material as it becomes available. 


    BBcom Training Guide 

BBcom Training

  • Trainings sessions are held every other month in accordance with the Technology Training Calendar.  If you find a training day that works for you and would like to attend, please take the following steps to provide a smooth experience for everyone.

    What to do before a training session.