• Frequently Asked Questions:


    Q: Is the internet down?  Are any systems down?

    A: You can check system statuses on the main OIT page.  Here you will find more detailed outage information and estimated restoration times.  Please keep in mind that these are best guesses and should not be considered definite. 


    Q: How do I request to have a website blocked or unblocked for the District?

    A: You should contact the Help Desk and submit a ticket with all of the pertinant information.


    Q: What do I do if the wireless access point in my area has a status LED that is red or flashing?

    A: If your device is any color other than solid blue or green, please submit a Help Desk ticket so that we may come out and look at it. Please include which color it is, if any. No status LED light at all may also indicate a problem. 

    Cisco AP LED Status Light