WHS Choir

  • It is a known fact around campus that some of the best and brightest students at Waco High School are involved in the fine arts. Students in 9th through 12th grades have the opportunity to excel in multiple academic, athletic and extracurricular activities at the highest competitive level. Waco High Choir membership includes these fine students, athletes, and the leaders of many campus organizations. The Waco High Choir and its students are known for the honors and awards that they consistantly receive. From UIL Concert and Sight-Reading successes to individual All-State placement, the list is quite impressive.

    Students who are in the choir program at Waco High find themselves graduating on to great colleges and universities.

    A successful choir program is built by a group of well-adjusted, motivated students who are recognized as leaders and who perform at the highest level on many other "stages."

    The Waco High Choir is open to young men and women in the 9th through 12th grades. Choir students sing music of all types and styles in large and small groups for audiences of all ages. There are several choir classes; each is for a particular type of student.. beginner, advanced, competitive, noncompetitive, male, female. There is also an Acapella Choir that students may audition for each semester. The Showchoir is a musical theater group that conducts auditions each April for the following year.