Waco ISD's ACCELERATE Early Degree Program

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    What is ACCELERATE? 

    ACCELERATE offers Waco ISD students the chance to complete both their high school diploma requirements and their Associates Degree requirements through McLennan Community College at the same time! That’s right! Students can graduate from high school with a high school diploma AND a college degree, cutting off 2 years of college time and expense.

    Where is ACCELERATE offered?

    ACCELERATE will be offered at both University High and Waco High Schools. Students in the program will attend dual credit classes on those campuses as well as complete some dual credit courses at McLennan Community College, the McLennan Community College Emergency Services Training Center, or the Greater Waco Advanced Health Care Academy. 

    Who can participate in ACCELERATE?

    ACCELERATE is open to incoming 9th graders who choose to participate in the program, as long as the student agrees to the terms of program participation.  (see HS College and Career Readiness counselor for details).

    Why would a student want to participate in ACCELERATE?

    Participating in ACCELERATE can save a family between $25,000 and $30,000, depending upon the number of credit hours required by the chosen pathway (based upon an average cost of $360/credit hour at a Texas 4-year college plus a cost of $500/semester for books and materials).  They can also save themselves two years in college, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree (in most cases) in just two additional years!

    How does a student participate in ACCELERATE?

    • Complete the ACCELERATE application. See next page...
    • After notification of program acceptance, participants MUST plan to and then attend the 2-week summer transition camp to prepare for the Texas Success Initiative assessment that allows students to become eligible for Dual Credit coursework
    • Participants should notify their counselors of acceptance into the program to enroll in the courses that are shown in the selected degree pathway of choice (four-year plans for the pathways offered – General Science, General Liberal Arts, Business, Criminal Justice, and Allied Health—are shown here)
    • Students must maintain satisfactory course progress as defined by the State of Texas. This requires Dual Credit students to maintain at least a 2.0 GPA for Dual Credit coursework. Students must also pass other core courses needed for graduation and maintain a good record of attendance.

    Other questions?

    See our Frequently Asked Questions document.

  • The Enrollment Window is Open!

    2022-2023 Enrollees

    Students who pass the TSI will be included in the 2023 cohort. The STUDENT'S email address is required to start this form; a student may use a personal email address or his/her district student email address.


    Begin Enrollment


    Note: You will receive an email after you submit the form. Please ensure you enter an accurate street address. If you wish to modify your submission, use the link in the email.

  • In the enrollment form, students should indicate a pathway of interest; however, students will not officially declare a choice until second semester of sophomore year. This document can provide assistance determining the pathway of interest.


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  • The ACCELERATE Early Degree Program students must qualify to enroll in dual credit coursework through McLennan Community College by passing the TSIA2 ELAR test and having an 80 cumulative GPA for all 2nd semester 8th grade courses.

    Students selected to participate in ACCELERATE agree to attend the MANDATORY orientation on June 14, 2021 from 9am-12pm. This orientation will provide students with information related, but not limited to, the Texas Success Initiative (TSIA2), associate degree plans, sequence of courses, grade point average information, counseling, and academic support services. Students will have an opportunity to ask questions related to courses, programs, grades, etc. at that time.