Greater Waco Academies


    The Greater Waco Advanced Academies strive to achieve:

    • Improved student achievement through career-centered learning 
    • Increase student opportunities through a variety of technical offerings
    • Provide students with expanded choices in educational opportunities 
    • Create new professional opportunities for teachers

    Students will:

    • Attend introductory classes at their home campus during the 9th and/or 10th grades
    • Attend GWAMA or GWAHCA one half-day during 10th/11th/12th grades
    • Earn Nationally-Recognized Workforce Certifications 


    Students must complete an application to attend. (See the high school academy dean or cohort counselor)

    The Greater Waco Advanced Academies (GWAMA and GWAHCA) are regional campuses designed in partnership with the Waco Business League, Texas State Technical College, Mclennan Community College and local business & industry partners.