Classroom Energy Monitor

  •  Waco ISD's Energy Management Department has developed a new energy monitoring program for the 2019/2020 school year at all Elementary
    Campuses. The classroom teacher appoints a student as the energy monitor for their classroom to help control energy waste such as lighting
    left-on when all students leave for lunch, recess or end of the school day ("Last out, Lights out!").   Also, projectors, and personal lamps are
    turned off when not in use. 
    The students also reduce heat load from windows by adjusting window blinds that filter direct and indirect sunlighting, all of which is done with
    the permission of their teacher. The energy monitor alerts their teacher of restroom leaking flush-valves, faucets and any other related wastes.
    The energy monitor not only learns the importance of conserving energy, but takes this concept back to their home and applies the importance
    in their everyday life! It's all about sustainability, the preservation of their natural resources. This is a brand new energy management program,
    an idea first heard from one a Waco ISD Principal, Ms. Jennifer Lundquist, Hillcrest PDS. This program was expanded upon and is now engaged 
    at all Waco ISD Elementary Classrooms!

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