• Choose Waco ISD Referral Incentive Reward
    2021-2022 School Year
    Eligibility Information

    • Teachers, diagnosticians, ASHA speech therapists, and LSSPs may refer other teachers, diagnosticians, ASHA speech therapists, and LSSPs, not currently working in Waco ISD, with three or more years of experience to be hired for the 2021-2022 school year.  Candidates referred with less than three years of experience will not be eligible for the incentive.
    • The referred candidate must begin by the first teacher work day of the school year (August 5, 2021), successfully complete the school year, be offered a contract for the following school year, and still be employed by the district to start the 2022-2023 school year. The referring and referred employee must both be employed by the district at the time of disbursement (September 15, 2022).
    • Any newly-hired-to-the-district teacher, diagnostician, ASHA speech therapist, and LSSP that starts by the first teacher work day (August 5, 2021) may also be eligible to refer a candidate as long as the referral was completed prior to the first teacher work day of the school year and all other provisions are met.
    • Multiple employees cannot refer the same candidate.  If more than one employee refers the candidate, we will ask the candidate who referred them.  If the candidate names multiple individuals, the incentive would be split evenly.
    • The referred candidate must meet all of the requirements to teach, be a diagnostician, ASHA speech therapist, or LSSP, and be offered a contract with Waco ISD.
    • You cannot refer a current teacher in Waco ISD but you may refer former employees being rehired after a separation; or substitutes or tutors that meet the three-year minimum experience requirement).
    • The following employees are not eligible for referral incentives:  principals, assistant principals, district or campus administrators/professionals with hiring authority, human resources staff, temporary employees, tutors and substitutes.
    • Referrals can be completed one of two ways – the candidate can list the referring employee on their application and confirm upon signing their contract with their HR specialist OR the referring employee may use the Online Referral Form.
    • The HR Department will verify all referral information and request the payment for the referring employee after the one-year retention cycle has been completed. 
    • Waco ISD makes no guarantees that a referred candidate will be hired by the district.

    If you would like to refer a teacher, diagnostician, ASHA speech therapist or LSSP for employment in Waco ISD, please use the ONLINE REFERRAL FORM.